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Separation Agreements are contracts between the parties that outline how the parties will divide their assets, debts, and property. These contracts are made court orders. These enforceable orders allow what was once marital property to be divided so the parties can take their portion of the marital estate and move on as separate autonomous individuals.

Parenting Plans are agreements which outline Parenting Time, Holiday Parenting Time, Vacation Parenting Time, Child Support, Tax Dependency Exemptions, Reasonable Communication with Parents and the Child, Extracurricular Activities, Decision-Making, Extraordinary Medical Expenses, Insurance, Out-of-State Moves, and more. These plans are made court orders and are enforceable. While parties can always agree to a different arrangement, the court ordered Parenting Plan is the default in the event of a disagreement. For this reason it is extremely important to have a strong Parenting Plan.

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