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Paternity is the relationship between the biological father and the child(ren). It is possible that the biological parent is not the paternal parent.


For example, if the Mother has 100% of the time with the children and has married or lives with someone who is not the biological father, and the biological father has not had contact with the child(ren), then the person living with Mother may be considered the “putative parent.” The idea behind a putative parent is that the child(ren) has bonded with the putative parent but not the biological father. The court feels the putative parent has rights to the children in the best interest of the children.

Establishing Paternity gives the biological parent rights to the child(ren). Married couples are presumed to be the biological parents of the child(ren). In order to establish Paternity, one must provide a court with genetic testing for the alleged Father and child.

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